The potential risk of product contamination from foreign objects is nowadays more important than ever. Many industries worldwide such as Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, Pet Food, and Cosmetics are already invested in different quality systems (HACCP, SQF, ISO, GMP, etc.) so that this can happen. Detection for this kind of product contamination during the production process is essential. Besides the physical control, the most efficient systems are Metal Detection and X-Ray visible. Innovative companies offer a broad range of tools which will help the production of safe and hazard-less products. Those products are not only Detectable - they are visually detectable (Color Coded Products). Visual recognition is an important feature of the product range, not just for identifying a food product, but also for segregation within the factory environment. We offer the largest range of hygiene colors currently available on the global market from Black through Blue, Green, Yellow, White, and Orange. The product range can be divided into 2 lines:

1. Metal Detectable and/or 

2. X-Ray visible 

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Items 1 to 15 of 94 total