ATESCO STANDARD Knife Baskets offers the ultimate solution for safe storage, easy carrying and transporting, washing and sterilizing ALL kinds of knives, whet steels and mesh gloves.

- The STANDARD Knife Baskets are made for holding: 9 - 12 knives, 2 whet steels, and 1 mesh glove
- Configurable layout by changing plastic inserts
- The lid locks all knives from the top
- Lockable by Stainless Steel Padlock (incl. basket)
- Ergonomic Handle for easy carrying and hanging
- Knife Baskets are made of durable corrosion proof Stainless Steel (304)
- Electropolished for eliminating sharp edges and ensuring a hygienic construction
- Custom size and configuration upon request.

  kbstd2 kbstd3

A few samples of custom made Standard Knife Baskets:

Knife Basket for 10 knives and 2 steels,               Knife Basket for 21 knives

kbstd1 kbstd-1

 kbstd-2 kbstd-3 

Knife Baskets for 21 small knives       3 Knife Baskets for: 21 Big knives, 10 big knives + 20 small knives, and 21 small knives

kbstd-4 kbstd-5

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)