Safety Knives & Scissors

Cutters and Knives - a frequent cause for cutting accidents

According to the German Authorities  (The Retail Trade Division of the German Occupational Accident Insurance Association) in 2008, about 4,200 accidents were registered with Cardbox Cutters. More specifically:

  • 60% are due to uncontrolled cutter movements
  • 30% due to an exposed blade after cutting work,
  • 6% an accidental contact with the exposed blade,
  • 2% of all injuries are the result of wrong handling of the cutter, technical box cutter handicaps, the use of non-appropriate knives.

The Safety Knives are designed to help prevent and avoid such accidents.

The Safety Knives meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Automatic Blade edge protection when things get out of control
  • Safe Blade change without any undue cutting risks
  • Cutter handles/bodies designed to remain safe when laid down
  • Solidly Mounted Blade

The conformity with the applicable safety regulations is confirmed by this "GS" symbol indicating "TESTED FOR SAFETY by the German Safety Control Board (TÜV)."

According to the German Martor, there are 4 Safety Levels (1 = highest safety level, 4 = basic level of security):

1 – Concealed Blade
2 – Fully Automatic Blade Retraction (“Smart Technology”)
3 – Automatic Blade Retraction (Spring Loaded Blades)
4 – Manual Blade Retraction


Choose your Safety Knives:

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