Resin Set Brushware

Resin-Set DRS® - Standard requirement for the whole Food Industry?

This unique solution for the whole Food Industry is offered by the Hill Brush company from the UK - the world leader in Food Safety Innovation

Color Coded Manual Cleaning Equipment is now available in 9 colors!.

The Hill Brush company has developed a revolutionary improvement in brush filament retention, which is the DRS - Dual Retention SystemDRS means that each tuft is stapled into the brush back with the food grade stainless steel staples and after that, the epoxy resin is floated in. As a result, the resin permeates the bottom of the tuft hole, covering the filaments and staples as it goes. The resin seals the face of the brush securing the filaments and prevents the accumulation of dirt and moisture in the tuft holes.

The resin also contains an Antimicrobial additive as standard! 


3 Reason to choose Resin-Set DRS brush ware:

1) Easy to clean,
2) No filaments loss
3) No accumulation of dirt, moisture, and so possible pathogens


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