Chemical Resistance Data (Stainless Steel grade 304 vs 316)

These recommendations are based on available published information and should be considered as a general guide rather than an unqualified guarantee, since the resistance of metals can be affected by different factors such as concentration, temperature, presence of other chemicals.

A - Very Good
B - Good
C - Fair
D - Not recommended

  Chemical Substance    SS 304   SS 316   Chemical Substance  SS 304   SS 316 
Acetaldehyde5 A A Hydrochloric Acid 100% D D
Acetamide B A Hydrocyanic Acid A A
Acetic Acid  B A Hydrogen Peroxide 10% C C
Acetone A A Hydrogen Peroxide 30%   B
Acetyl Chloride C A Hydrogen Peroxide A B
Alcohols A A Hydrogen Sulfide, Aqueous Solution  D A
Aluminum Chloride D C Ink A A
Aluminum Sulfate C C Iodine D D
Amines  A A Iodine (in Alcohol)    B
Ammonia, Anhydrous B A Iodoform  C A
Ammonia, Liquids  A A Lactic Acid A B
Ammonia, Nitrate  A A Magnesium Carbonate  A A
Ammonium Bifluoride  C A Magnesium Chloride  B B
Ammonium Chloride A C Magnesium Hydroxide  A A
Ammonium Hydroxide  A A Magnesium Sulfate  B A
Ammonium Oxalate  A A Malic Acid  A A
Benzaldehyde  A A Mayonnaise  A A
Boric Acid  A A Mercurie Chloride (Dilute Solution)  D D
Brewery Slop    A Mercury  A A
Butter B A Methyl Chloride  A A
Buttermilk  A A Methylamine    A
Butyric Acid  B A Methylene Chloride A A
Calcium Carbonate  A A Milk  A A
Calcium Chlorate  B A Molasses  A A
Calcium Chloride  A D Mustard  A A
Calcium Hydroxide  A A Napthalene  A B
Calcium Hypochlorite  D C Nickel Chloride A B
Carbonated Water A A Nitric Acid (Concentrated Solution) D B
Chloracetic Acid A A Oils A A
Chloracetic Acid D D Oxalic Acid (Cold)  A B
Chloric Acid  D D Pentane  C C
Chlorine Water   D Phenol 10% A A
Chlorox (Bleach) A A Phosphoric Acid (to 40% Solution) B A
Chocolate Syrup A A Phsophoric Acid (40-100% Solution) C B
Chromic Acid 5% A A Potassium Bicarbonate A  
Chromic Acid 50% B B Potassium Chlorate A A
Cider A A Potassium Permanganate A B
Citric Acid A A Potassium Sulfate A B
Citric Oils A A Sea Water A C
Coffee A A Silver Nitrate A B
Copper Chloride D D Soap Solutions A A
Copper Sulfate (5% Sol) A A Sodium Acetate A A
Cream A A Sodium Carbonate A B
Cresols A A Sodium Chloride A C
Detergents A A Sodium Hydroxide (20%) A A
Dichlorethane A A Sodium Hypochlorite (to 20%) C C
Diesel A A Sodium Hypochlorite   A
Dyes A A Sodium Hyposulfate A A
Epsom Salts A A Sodium Nitrate A A
Ethanolamine A A Sodium Sulfate A A
Ethyl Acetate A A Soy Sauce A A
Ethyl Chloride A A Stannic Chloride D D
Ethyl Sulfate D   Starch A A
Ethylene Chloride A A Stearic Acid2 A A
Ethylene Glycol A A Sugar (Liquids) A A
Fatty Acids A A Sulfate Liquors C C
Ferric Acid D D Sulfur Chloride D D
Ferric Nitrate A A Sulfur Dioxide A A
Ferric Sulfate A C Sulfuric Acid (to 10%) D C
Formaldehyde A A Sulfurous Acid C B
Formic Acid A B Tartaric Acid A B
Fruit Juice A A Trichlorethane C A
Gelatin A A Vegetable Juice A A
Glucose   A Vinegar A A
Glycerine A A Whey A A
Grape Juice A A Whiskey & Wines A A
Grease4 A A Zinc Chloride D B
Hydrobromic Acid A A Zinc Hydrosulphite   A
      Zinc Sulfate A A

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