We are proudly announcing the launch of our new product line which is the most comprehensive Stainless Steel mixing and handling equipment for the Food and Pharmaceutical industry.

Our stainless steel manual equipment  such as: scrapers, dough cutters, scissors, graduated jugs & pails, paddles, forks, shovels, scoops, mirror and glove dispensers are made of high quality 304 and 316 Stainless Steel grades.

 The high valuable properties of stainless steel in the Food Industry are: 
- Long lifetime, 
- High corrosion resistance, 
- Resistance against food and chemical flavors 
- Hygienic design,
- Very easy to clean, 

That's the reasons why the stainless steel manual equipment is widely used in beverage, dairy and brewery industry, meat and fish processing as well as in the whole Pharmaceutical Industry.

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