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Protect your employees and products from unnecessary harm

Lacerations are responsible for the most common injuries in warehouses. But how can you protect employees from accidental injuries? And how can you prevent accidentally damaging products by cutting into the packaging? The answer is safety knives!


The safety knives guarantee a very high and unique degree of safety from cut injuries through their differentiated safety blade systems. The knives are equipped with either spring loaded, concealed or fully automatic retractable blades.

Food Safety is another concern in the Food Industry. As most of the processors are using detecting systems to spot possible contamination by foreign bodies, having detectable work tools is truly essential. The range of Detectable Safety Knives is of course fully detectable by Metal and X-Ray Detectors.

So making safety knives a priority will turn your work environment into a safer place for both employees, products and clients.  A simple but rewarding investment that will contribute to both Work and Food Safety in your company.

Atesco Industrial Hygiene Ltd, a BC based company is now providing a comprehensive range of these safety knives for all applications, from Food Industry to Retail Stores. To find out more about the products and their features call 604 496 2004 or have a look at

Atesco Industrial Hygiene Ltd
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