We are proudly announcing the launch of our new product line - RETREEVA Detectable pens.

What makes the Retreeva Global pens so special?

1. LONG Writing time - a minimum of 9 km or 5.6 Mile of writing length! 
2. Maximum detectability - Metal & X-Ray
3. Positive retraction mechanism - cartidge will not jump out when you are wrinting! 
4. Highly visible ink indicators - Dominant top button and large window identify ink cartridge colour. 
5. Strong Pocket Clip - Designed as virtually unbreakable. No need to specify model without clip. 
6. Large Laynard loop - developed for a real lanyard UNIQUE cartridge suspension - no need for a metal spring. 
7. Smooth finish - easy to clean. 
8. Countered for thumb and finger - ergonomic. 
9. Safe under duress - moulded from shatter resistant polymer to avoid splintering if crushed. 
10. Superior quality European ink cartridge with Tungsten Carbide ball for smooth, consistent ink flow. 

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