Visiting Food Precessor facilities of our business partners nowadays belongs to the crucial part of the business relationship. The role regularly switches. One day we the visitor and the other day we are the visited person. Showing our plant at the best is our aim and the key to the success.

Let's make quick analyses of it.

The question is "what are the main important issues that the visitor reviewed and assessed us"?

From the number of surveys done in the past, we know that the first impression of seeing something or meeting someone for the first time plays an important role.

First impression means rational and emotional assesment. Especially rational is important because is it the first what we notice, namely: order & cleanliness. This we can call "hygiene" a very popular word among Food Industry. It follows by emotional assesment such as meeting our host and observes his attitude, appearance and behavior. Knowing that in advance we should invest the time for preparation our plant for the visit.


  • Keep stable or stables free and signed it (ex. "visitors only")
  • keep parking visual clean

The office: 

  • clean floor (very important and regurarly forgotten)
  • free junks corridors
  • order on the desks
  • if you have any visitors policy that has to be read it and sign it, then you have to explain for them. This way, they should understand much better, and you will keep a good atmosphere.
Before having the tour through your production facility:
  • Explain what they should see and how long will it takes
  • Explain food-safety issues and stress the word "safety"
  • Safety apparels - most important but in the same time the most inconvenient procedure. Make it easy and always explain "why":
    • use the latest technology if possible (ex. use disposable safety apparels)
    • take care for the shoes
      • do they need to change shoes? (not always recommended), or
      • do they use the shoe covers? 
        The best solution is to use Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser - small, portable, light, very easy and convenient to use. Our shoe covers are water and slip resistant.
During the tour:
  • Explain what they see
  • Use the simple vocabulary! (avoid technical expressions and specific words)
  • Keep the group close
  • Warn the group if need it
After the tour:
  • Ask for questions, remarks,
  • Ask also for those opinions (avoid misunderstanding)
  • Thank all
Order and cleanliness are very important, so hygiene is! Try to expand "hygiene" from the production to everywhere in your facility and explain to your employees how important is to keep it company clean. It helps you managed better HACCP, assured food safety and make an enjoyable workplace for everyone. This way, you are prepared to make a very good first impression to your visitors.