Disinfection means the reducing of pathogens load. Cleaning exposed the remaining pathogens to the disinfectants. That’s why the cleaning is so important. Disinfection action should be always discussed with the farm veterinarian.

Disinfecting procedure:

  • Prepare barn for disinfection:
    • close but not lock the doors (safety reason)
    • close all inlets, windows,
    • all surfaces to be disinfected should be exposed and reachable for disinfecting products
  • Preparing of operators for disinfection procedure
    • Prepare protective clothes, gloves and gas masks with appropriate filters,
    • Known manufacture instruction of use of disinfectant 
  • Choice method of application:
    • Spraying – popular application method, high water consumption and labor intensive,
    • Foaming – “you see what you do”, it has the same water consumption and labor intensity as spraying.
    • Fogging – very effective and popular application method especially in wooden poultry barns, very high penetration rate thanks to the fog, less water consumption (10 to 30 times less, depending on product) and less labor intensive. The best reliable thermal fogger brand is PulsFog.
  • After disinfection is done, leave the barn closed for a time (contact time) respecting manufacturer prescriptions. Allow the disinfectant to dry.
  • Ventilate the barn before going into it (start ventilation, first open air outlets than air inlets. Do not open the doors for ventilation!
  • Respect the “rest time” (a few days till one week) of the chicken barn.