An Alternative to Messy Foot Baths

British Columbia-based company sells a solution to help improve farm biosecurity.

There is a new tool in town, and not only can it help improve on-farm biosecurity, but it can also save money.

The disinfection foot mat is key to protecting your flock from tracked dirt and all that carries (viruses such as AI, bacteries, parasites) as well as perfect alternative to messy foot baths - or nothing.


5 Reasons to use Disinfection Foot Mat :

1 - Universal applicator for use of different disinfectants,
2 - Efficient use of disinfectant min 75% less disinfectant that standard footh bath 
3 - Ultimate solution for indoor and outdoor in all animal farms and food processing premises
4 - Non-splashing of disinfectant solution
5 - Withstands heavy loads  

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