Most comprehensive range of Detectable First Aid bandages on the market

Never before was food safety so high up on the political agenda. As such it’s good to know there is a distributor nearby who understands the customers’ needs, who knows the latest legislation and who provides the latest technological solutions available in the market.


Atesco Industrial Hygiene ltd, a BC based company, is now providing the latest innovation in detectable first aid bandages. A wide range of over 30 different detectable bandages is available to cover the needs of food processors from bakeries (dry environment) to dairy & beverage processing (wet environment) and across the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The product range consists of 3 different product lines which are each available in different colors and are made of different materials such as polyethylene, polyurethane or textile fabric. Depending on the used materials the bandages will have one or more of the following characteristics: water resistant or not, micro-perforated or not, more or less stretchable, metal and/or X-Ray detectable. Different dimensions and forms allow perfect coverage of injuries such as laceration, abrasion, as well as burn wounds.

Detectaplast bandage structure

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