Directly after removing of birds from the barn insecticide procedure can start (the temperature in the building is high and the insects such darkling beetles or red mites are present). The best application method for insecticides is thermal fogging. The fog can reach all possible surfaces even holes, gaps and cracks. Other applying method is spraying - but less coverage then fogging, not uniform, can’t get into the internal surface of equipment, high water consumption and labor intensive. Important! Read the product leaflet carefully as it has to be effective against adult beetles, eggs and larvae.

  • All connected spaces to the poultry barn (anteroom, storage…) have to be serviced and cleaned.
  • Cleaning of feeding system:
    1. Feeders and conveyers have to be empty from feed before cleaning,
    2. Silos and weight equipment have to be clean as well
  • All moving equipment should be removed from the barn as well as equipment you can dismantled (feeding pans or just open it for cleaning). Cleaning has to be done outside the barn.
  • Remove the litter quickly and treat them as soon as possible (insect presents in the litter can easily migrate back to the nearest barns).
  • Dismantle ventilation system as much as you can (exhausted roof fans and air inlets shafts have to be clean thoroughly). Clean heaters as well. Use compresses air to clean inlet valves and shafts, and difficult reached spaces.
  • All equipment which cannot or may not be cleaned with water (electrical and electronically parts) it has to be first dry cleaned and then protected with plastic.
  • Sweep out all remain dirt and organic material.
  • Clean the drinking water system. First empty drinking water pipeline before using appropriate cleaning product. Respect the contact time before rinsing (check all drinking nipples).
  • Clean floor, feeders and drinking system - spray or foam with detergent water solution. Respect the contact time.

Blowing although it is still a commonly used method in some regions, but it’s only “visual cleaning. The main problem is that the dust (with the pathogens) is blown up from the lower parts of the building (floor, walls) and spreads out everywhere (ceiling, fans, feeders, etc.), even outside into the neighbor's farms. That's why from a hygiene point of view blowing is not recommended as a cleaning method.

  • Foam (or spray) celling, exhaust fans shafts and walls with detergent water solution.
  • After 30 min rinse thoroughly with high presser water from the top to the bottom.
  • Remove remain water thoroughly from the floor and let it dry.
  • Reinstall dissembled and cleaned equipment (feeding pan, fans,…) not placing them on the floor.

Now, the barn is prepared for the last very important step = DISINFECTION. The most cost effective and less labor intensive applying method of disinfection poultry barns is thermal fogging.