Anti-Microbial cleaning - the breakthrough for Food Industries

The Resin–Set DRS (Dual Retention System) Brush ware and Anti-Microbial cleaning tools are a new generation of cleaning equipment now available in Canada. 

Producing safe food is of the most importance in Canada and can be a challenge for all food producing companies. Food Safety Systems can help avoid and eliminate possible hazards and contaminations. The most widely recognized is HACCP; Critical control points are identified as steps or procedures in the food-handling process, controls can then be applied to prevent or reduce hazards. HACCP has been designed to minimize food safety risks by predicting where they are likely to occur and ensuring that adequate preventive measures are put in place.

Brush filaments found in produced food can result in the recall of food products, wasting time and money, and possibly harming a company’s reputation. One of the most harmful food contaminations can be due to the accumulation of dirt and microorganisms in the tuft holes of brushes, or crevasses of other cleaning tools, that can lead to foodborne diseases and other related problems.

Fortunately, today cleaning tools have been transformed into an effective solution in helping prevent contamination. The team behind ‘Salmon Hygiene Technology’ have been working continuously to improve food safe cleaning tools and after years of intensive work, they have developed the “Ultimate” range of cleaning tools on the market today.

The ‘Salmon Hygiene Technology’ range now includes a revolutionary line of cleaning tools that will actually inhibit the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria on the surface of the products themselves.  They contain a unique created additive using silver ion technology at a precise concentration to prevent in excess of 99% of bacterial contamination including MRSA and E-Coli. This creates a product that is ideally suited to areas where being able to show ‘due diligence’ is of paramount importance, such as food and beverage production and preparation facilities.  Available in this range are a wide variety of brushes, dustpans, scrapers, brooms, squeegees and scrubs.


- Prevents in excess of 99% of bacterial contamination including MRSA and E-Coli
- Comprehensive approval for food contact applications
- The anti-microbial properties do not deteriorate over time and are unaffected by the harshest cleaning chemicals and abrasion
- The Anti-Microbial additive is an integral part of the brush back as well as the resin that secures the tufts
- ‘Dual Retention System’ (DRS) as standard Can be used in temperatures from -10°C-120°C
- Autoclavable in temperatures up to 134°C
- A superior cleaning solution for areas requiring high hygiene standards
- FDA Approved.
- Maintaining the cleanliness of the Resin Set brushes themselves is very easy (see picture below).


As an importer and distributor of ‘Salmon Hygiene Technology’products, ‘ATESCO Industrial Hygiene Ltd’, are proud to be able to provide Canadian customers with this revolutionary cleaning technology. Therefore, we invite you to visit our website and contact us if you have any questions regarding the cleaning and sanitation of your facility.

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