The Best visible, labeled, safe storage for all your apparel 


Tripp NT Labeled Apparel Dispensers for neat store and easy dispensing hairnets, bouffant caps, beard covers, ect.
Made in USA of Clear Acrylic and PETG. Available in different sizes.

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The NEW models of BEKINA Green, Super Light Polyurethane Soft Boots with non-metalic protective toe and plate and:
- Kick-off spur
- Anti-clogging soles for added slip resistance
- Free ergonomic insoles
- New exterior design 

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Looking for the best shoe cover dispenser?
Here you are! 

shoe-cover dispenser


1. No more bending over,
2. No need to take off your shoes,
3. Quick & easy application,
4. Reload new shoe covers in seconds,
5. Maximum loading capacity 110 shoe covers (Portable) and 220 shoe covers (Non-portable),
6. Five types of shoe cover.

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We are proudly announcing the launch of our new product line - RETREEVA Detectable pens.

What makes the Retreeva Global pens so special?

1. LONG Writing time - a minimum of 9 km or 5.6 Mile of writing length! 
2. Maximum detectability - Metal & X-Ray
3. Positive retraction mechanism - cartidge will not jump out when you are wrinting! 
4. Highly visible ink indicators - Dominant top button and large window identify ink cartridge colour. 
5. Strong Pocket Clip - Designed as virtually unbreakable. No need to specify model without clip. 
6. Large Laynard loop - developed for a real lanyard UNIQUE cartridge suspension - no need for a metal spring. 
7. Smooth finish - easy to clean. 
8. Countered for thumb and finger - ergonomic. 
9. Safe under duress - moulded from shatter resistant polymer to avoid splintering if crushed. 
10. Superior quality European ink cartridge with Tungsten Carbide ball for smooth, consistent ink flow. 

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Due to the significant increase of popularity in our DFMat90 , and customer replies with needs, we ( at Atesco) are proud to present a smaller model of the Disinfecting Foot Mat (DFMat45). Both mats, (DFMat 90) and (DFMat45) are the ultimate solution for disinfection footwear ( shoes,boots) and helps keep your premises free of contamination. 

Available in two sizes:

        DFMat90:   24” x 35” x 1.6” (60 x 90 x 4cm)                    DFMat45:   17.5” x 24” x 1.6” (60 x 45 x 4cm)
disinfecting-foot-mat2 disinfecting-foot-mat3

5 reasons for using Disinfection Foot Mat:

1 - Universal applicator for use with different disinfectants

2 - Efficient use of disinfectant (minimum 75%) less disinfectant than standard foot baths

3 - Non-splashing of disinfectant solution

4 - Withstands heavy loads

5 - Ultimate solution for indoors and outdoors in all animal farms and food processing premises

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