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ATESCO Industrial Hygiene Ltd. supplies cleaning and disinfection equipment for the Food Industry, Health Care and Agriculture. In order to meet the needs of these particular sectors we are pleased to offer a reliable and durable product range.

Manual cleaning equipment manufactured by Hill Brush with Color Code will help Food Industry companies minimize cross contamination, and at the same time encourage employees to pay greater attention to hygiene. The ranges of unique Resin-Set DRS (Dual Retention System) and Anti-Microbial cleaning equipment are valuable tools for circumstances with very high hygiene requirements,  such as microbiology labs, food labs, food processing lines and hospitals.

Furthermore, for the Agricultural industry (animal production), we offer PulsFog machines as the ideal solution for application of insecticides and disinfectants in animal production facilities. 

Having years of European experience and expertise in biosecurity and food safety, we can also assist in the set-up of HACCP, food safety, as well as biosecurity on your facility.