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  • Shadow Boards

    Market leader in segregation and storage of your cleaning and production utensils

  • Color Coded Utensils

    Our INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE products developed for FOOD & BEVERAGE INDUSTRY include Color Coded Anti-Microbial, Resin-Set Dual Retention System and Metaldedectable & Antistatistic tools which simply helps you to produce Safe Food !

  • Metal & X-Ray Detectable

    All detectable products are made by the world leaders and are designed for maximum safety in Food and Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Cleaning Systems

    All you need to achieve the highest hygiene standards and work safety: Stainless Steel Hose Reels, Hoses, Mobile Foam Generators, Foam & Spray Lances and all accessories

  • Safety Footwear

    Revolutionary lightweight, durable, slip resistant safety boots and clogs unique developed for food and pharmaceutical production environments

New Products

  • Detectable, Anti-Bacterial Hairnets
    NEW range of Detectable Hairnets and Beard Covers made of Prolen Siltex® antibacterial yarn meets both the American Standard for Assessment of Antibacterial Finishes on Textile Materials, and the French Institute Francais Textile Habillement, (ISO/CD 20743 absorption method, 2004).
    The Color Coded Apparels: Disposable (Aprons and Sleeves) and PVC Aprons. All available in different colors: Blue, Green, White, Yellow, Red and Purple.
  • Buckets,Jugs and Trigger sprayers
    NEW range of Color Coded Buckets, Measuring Jugs and Trigger Sprayers. available in different colors. Made from durable polymers (including metal detectable items) and stainless steel. All made from food grade materials.
    New Boots from BEKINA finally arrived! The NEW features are: Lighter, Non-metallic protective toe and plate, Kick-off spur, Anti-clogging soles for added slip resistance, Free ergonomic insoles, CSA Omega - Electric Shock Resistant 18kV
    We are pleased to offer you the best selected Hand Free (Automatic) Shoe Cover Dispensers for both businesses and consumers. Capacities range from 110 to 220 shoe covers. - Easy to use, without bending over, - Reload new shoe covers in seconds, - Not electrical power required
    Tripp NT Labeled Apparel Dispensers for neat store and easy dispensing hairnets, bouffant caps, beard covers, ect. Made in USA of Clear Acrylic and PETG. Available in different sizes.
    Metal and X-Ray Detectable Retractable and NON-Retractable pens with pocket clip and lanyard attachment. Writing for minimum 9,000 meters or 25,527 Feet !! What makes the Retreeva Global pens so special?
  • Shadow Boards
    The Shadow Boards ensures that cleaning tools are well stored in a high visible way as a part of 5S System. Your employees will work in a more organized way not wasting time for searching for a tool, or thinking where to place them ...
  • Jumbo Dustpan
    Long Handled XL or Jumbo Dustpan! Swivel, light and durable plastic pan. Ergonomic extended handle. Nestable. Available in 4 colours. Use for pick up all kind of dirt and dust in large spaces (warehouse, corridors, processing areas, ect.).
  • X-Ray Detectable
    The X-Ray detection is the first line of defense to identify and reject the possible presence of physical hazard from the food, and this must happen before the food leaves the food-processing plant.
  • Disinfection Foot Mats
    Disinfection or sanitation of shoes and boots is essential to prevent entering microorganisms (pathogens) into the premises (hatcheries, poultry barns, food processing areas, green houses, animal hospitals, and more)
  • Knife Baksets
    The ultimate solution for safe storage, easy carrying and transporting, washing and sterilizing all kinds of knives, whet steels and mesh gloves. We offer the three Knife Baskets models: STANDARD, ULTIMATE and SELECT.
  • Hose Reels & Mobile Foamers
    They Stainless Steel Hose Reels and mobile Foamers/Sprayers are very suitable for all cleaning applications such as pre-rinse, chemical cleaning, wash down and rinse among the whole Food Industry.

ATESCO Industrial Hygiene Ltd. - 24h online store with industrial cleaning, mixing and handling equipment for the Food & Pharmaceutical Industry.

Worldwide Food safety concerns have risen dramatically over the last decade due to the severe consequences of foodborne diseases. We at Atesco encourage our customers to understand some of the hazards along the food chain - giving us the possibility to apply effective procedures, standards, regulations or programs, which will help eliminate/avoid foodborne diseases. Safe food will only be guaranteed when all actions in the whole food chain are covered, i.e. “from stable to table” or simply speaking “Biosecurity.”

The crucial importance of “Biosecurity” is a good cleaning and following sanitation procedures. This requires an appropriate equipment. ATESCO Industrial Hygiene Ltd. supplies high-quality hygiene equipment such as Color Coded Manual Cleaning Equipment (incl. Resin Set Brushware & Anti-Microbial cleaning equipment), Detectable Products (office stationary, mixing & handling, First Aid bandages), Knife Baskets, Safety Knives (detectable & standard), Protective boots (Bekina), Cleaning Systems (Stainless Steel Hose Reels, Mobile Foam Generators, Lances, Accessories), Stainless Steel mixing and handling equipment (shovels, scoops, scrapers, etc.) and Disinfecting Foot Mats (applicable for both wet and dry environments).